the NOW


Color Play

Hiding in the Leaves

Lilies and Light

Costa Rica Scene

Celebrating Ceremony

The Lilies of my Life

Playing with

a Rose

The Bouquet

Playing on Leaves

Elementals at Play

Early Morning Rising

Welcomin​g the Morning


My paintings are done from life's moments when something speaks to my soul or calls me to paint it. It is often the soul or energy of the object that paints with me. It is the calling of the energy to allow it to unfold and express itself in the unfolding of its spirit (through love).

From my perspective, it is a concentrated focus or moving meditation and a connection of my spirit, often with the spirit of the flower, the elementals or a higher vibrational being. I work with the elementals, as many of us do, during the sleep state to repair the Earth. They also work with me on relationships within the paintings.

​Love is in the details as each layer is added after sometimes days of observation and asking "How do you choose to express your love?"

Mary Moriarty       

Please note that all pictures are copyrighted and not to be used in any way

without the written and expressed permission of Mary Moriarty


Costa Rica Parrot

Within the Bouquet

Layers of Leaves

Lonely Winter

Lilies and Leaves

Within the Lily

Circle of Life